Business Plan

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a set of prioritized plans in accordance with the goals and prospects of a business, the implementation of which with the help of a business expert will help you achieve your business goals. You will help.

A practical business plan must be written specifically for the applicant, and it must be designed according to the resources and conditions of your business in order to be effective.


Segmentation of the business plan

The first part 

:: Market Analysis :: 

In this section, we will carefully examine the main factors that have direct and indirect effects on any business so that the current conditions and position of your company can be determined.


Part II

:: Marketing Plan :: 

In this section, financial goals (such as increasing sales) and non-financial goals (such as increasing brand reputation) are determined, and by identifying the target market and accurately determining marketing strategies and tactics according to the needs of the target audience, the main business path for It will take a certain amount.


third part

:: Financial Plan :: 

In the financial plan section, according to the resources. Your business budget, sales history, as well as financial forecasts are given in full to determine the profit and loss of the company in different time periods.


The fourth section

:: Prediction and evaluation of results :: (Expected Result)

All plans, plans and goals determined in the previous stages are evaluated and measured in this section to ensure the effectiveness of all strategies and also in case of contradictions and defects in the business plan. In this step, we will modify them.



Business plan writing fee

Tariffs for preparing business plans are completely different. Various factors such as the size of the market required for analysis, whether the company is small or large, the employer's wishes and the goals they intend to achieve, and other important factors are effective in determining the tariff of your business plan, and after reviewing all the factors For your business, the exact price will be announced to you.