We offer powerful insight and ensure rapid assessments of industry-specific situations.

When time is of the essence, our clients contact us to separate opinion from fact.

DNWCHY focuses teams of senior professionals directly on client issues.

Planning. Action. Results. Hands-on advisers and in-the-trenches leaders you can count on. We are problem solvers who focus on your issues. Our know-how cuts across multiple industries and changing dynamics. We help our clients harness the power of change to ensure growth.

Consulting Services for Nonprofit Organizations & Non-Governmental Organization NGO

  • Organization Capacity Assessment
  • Nonprofit Board Governance
  • Human Resourcing
  • Organizational Policy
  • Social Enterprise Development
  • Workshops & Learning
  • Social Finance & Social Innovation
  • Networking and allainces
  • Strategic planning
  • Fundraising
  • Auditing and controlling system
  • Reporting and public Relation


Business Consulting

  • Create in-depth reports and presentations on your business’s processes.
  • Provide forecasts and expectations
  • Suggest solutions to business problems
  • Host workshops and staff presentations within your company
  • Study new and potential trends within an industry
  • Discover new opportunities and markets for your businesses to expand in
  • Find new financial avenues to keep your company solvent


Exhibition organising / Event management

Dnwchy Looks after every aspect of event or exhibition planning, marketing, organisation and administration.

  • Planning exhibition hall layouts and activities programme such as workshops, seminars and demonstrations
  • Researching suitable venues and ensuring all necessary equipment is available
  • Selling stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors
  • Seeking and securing sponsorship
  • Designing anything from online registration forms to floral arrangements
  • Arranging insurance cover and ensuring legal, health and safety requirements are adhered to
  • Coordinating caterers, stand designers and equipment hire
  • Organising car parking facilities, security, first aid and catering
  • Promoting the event and organising the production of tickets, posters, catalogues and sales brochures
  • Supervising the dismantling and removal of stands.

Factory And Machinery


We are experts and active in providing the highest quality design and consulting solutions to the purchase and commissioning and production of factory and production machines in all industrial production sectors, with different capacities, since 2000, with a preference for renewable and environmentally friendly energies.

Our operations are divided into 12 steps of the manufacturing chain:

  • Designing an explanatory and economic plan

  • Production design and market research

  • Machine and production line design

  • Construction of the factory environment based on the production plan

  • Buying machines and installing machines

  • Selling factory used machinery

  • Setting up the administrative and accounting system and the production cycle

  • Manpower training

  • Production and commissioning of machines

  • Obtaining international management and quality certificates

  • Sustainable marketing and sales network

  • Social media and website management

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